China’s Infrastructure Splurge Rushing on by Road, Rail and Air

The new Beijing airport terminal was designed by a British firm headed by Mouzhan Majidi. The terminal is the largest in the world, having been built by over 50,000 workers. It is about 1.8 miles long with a floor space 17% bigger than those in London. China wants this terminal to impress the people who will be going there for the Olympics. The country has, therefore, put a budget of $3.8 billion for the expansion of the terminal. The airport is currently the ninth busiest in the world. China’s rapid integration and economic growth have put a strain on its national infrastructure. A lot of money has therefore been spent on the expansion of the railways, roads, and air networks.

The state media has predicted a double in transport investment for the remaining part of the decade. The longest sea-crossing bridge in the world is to be opened in June. The bridge has six lanes and covers a distance of 36km. The travel time between Shanghai and Ningbo will be halved in the process. Work also began on a railway line between Shanghai and Beijing. If completed, the 1300km line will also reduce the travel time between the two cities by five hours. The country hopes that by 2020, it would have constructed over 70,00km of expressways.

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