US and China Trade War

Data is Showing a Fragile Economy as U.S. Negotiators Land in Beijing

Can U.S. Negotiators End the Tariff War

U.S. trade negotiators landed in Beijing, Tuesday, seeking the possibility to end the tariff war, as weak economic data underscored the stakes for the global economy.

Earlier, China’s first official gauge of the manufacturing sector in April fell, signaling that more work is needed to bed down the economic stabilization seen in the first quarter. Industrial production also tumbled in South Korea and Japan, and gross domestic product growth slowed a notch in Taiwan.

U.S Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are heading into a new round of talks before Chinese Vice Premier Liu He goes to Washington next week.

“We’re looking forward to productive discussions over the next few days,” Mnuchin told reporters at his hotel. “We hope to make substantial progress in these two meetings,” referring to the sessions in Beijing and in Washington, he said. Mnuchin refused to comment on specific issues, saying the discussions “have been quite broad,” and “we’ve made a lot of progress.”

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