More China tariffs could push the US into a ‘Trump recession’

One of the dominant views on Trump’s approach to China (and the Chinese effect) is that his policies will create a recession, currently nicknamed as ‘Trump recession.’ Gary Shapiro — one of the people that are against economic fences — believes that the Washington decision is not a well-thought approach. Representing the Consumer Technology Association, he believes that there are different ways the Trump administration can handle trade differences between the two countries — and not taxing consumer goods.

Gary Shapiro also believes that the trade wars will also create a spiral effect on the USA industries — even those that do not deal with consumer goods. Although the Trump administration is still defensive on its policies (both proposed and existing policies), Shapiro believes that the two countries can solve the misunderstanding and save consumers the agony of high taxation and unpredictable future in technology. Myron Brilliant — who represents U.S. Chamber of Commerce in this discourse — also agrees with Shapiro.

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