the economic report

The Economic Report

The Industrial Equipment rental industry has been on a steady rise ever since the 2009 recession. Following the global credit crunch that took place during that time, companies around the world have found it difficult to accumulate suitable liquidity for development projects. This has led independent and even state-run initiatives to find alternative and strategic ways to both limit spending and maximize profits. Companies subsequently have had an ever-increasing dependency on rental and leasing agencies to accomplish these objectives.

What is an Economic Report?

An economic report is based on different types of economic data, which are statistics describing an actual economy, past or present. These are typically found in time-series form, that is, covering more than one time period (say the monthly unemployment rate for the last five years) or in cross-sectional data in one time period (say for consumption and income levels for sample households). Data may also be collected from surveys of for example individuals and firms or aggregated to sectors and industries of a single economy or for the international economy. A collection of such data in table form comprises a data set.

The Importance of Economic Data

Good economic data are a precondition to effective macroeconomic management. With the complexity of modern economies and the lags inherent in macroeconomic policy instruments, a country must have the capacity to promptly identify any adverse trends in its economy and to apply the appropriate corrective measure. This cannot be done without economic data that is complete, accurate and timely.

Increasingly, the availability of good economic data is coming to be seen by international markets as an indicator of a country that is a promising destination for foreign investment. International investors are aware that good economic data is necessary for a country to effectively manage its affairs and, other things being equal, will tend to avoid countries that do not publish such data.

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