The Subscription-Based Rental Economy

The rising trend of corporations becoming more and more economical these days has taken the form of charging time-based subscription fees for larger profits in lieu of flat-fee models. It seems to work for everyone, as corporations make larger profits and consumers are able to buy the products that they love at a much more affordable upfront cost. Let’s explore the history, the current state of this model, and future projections as to what the world could like after extrapolating the present state of subscriptions.


Subscriptions of the Past

Charging a monthly fee is admittedly not a new concept, as some of the first sewing machines and cars were rented out as soon as the technology came onto the market (as early as the mid 1800s). Actually, the concept of leasing was introduced via horse and buggy to the United States as early as the 1700s. More recently, renting cars was popularized before World War I. Though it was sparse in comparison today, it certainly set the stage for the growth of subscription-based services over the following centuries.

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